Living Room Cleaning Tips

Cleaning candle wax off walls:

Candle wax can be easily removed using an iron and a facial tissue. Place the tissue over the stain and iron gently. When the wax starts to seep through or the tissue gets brown, get a new one and repeat until all the wax is removed.

Cleaning red wine stains:

Blot up the spilled wine right away. The longer you let red wine sit in your carpet, the harder it will be to get rid of the stain. Always use an up-and-down blotting motion, not a side-to-side rubbing one. Rubbing will pick up some of the wine but force the rest deeper into the carpet fibers, making it much harder to remove the stain. Work from the outside in, blotting the edges first and then moving to the center. This helps prevent the stain from getting any larger than it already is. When it gets difficult to blot the wine out. Apply cold water to get the stain wet again. This helps dilute the wine remaining in the carpet. Continue blotting (not rubbing) until the carpet is dry again. Pour salt over the stain while it's still wet. The salt granules will gradually draw the moisture in the stain out of the carpet. Let the salt sit as long as possible or at least until turns pinkish. Scoop up the excess salt and vacuum up the carpet.

Removing blood stains:

Similiar to red wine, blood stains need to be blotted (not rubbed) when wet. Blot stain with a clean, white cloth or towel. Spray with cold water. Keep wetting and blotting dry. Pour a little salt paste over the stain and let sit for a few minutes. This can be made by mixing salt in a small bowl of cold water, until you make a thin paste. Blot this again with a clean cloth or towelVacuum or brush the dry carpet to remove any leftover salt paste.

Removing gum from a carpet:

Gum can be cleaned off the carpet using some ice to harden and then a dull knife to remove it. If you have chewing gum on your clothes, put them in the freezer for a few hours and it should come away easily.

Removing dog hair from clothes:

Soak the palm of your hand. Wipe the pet hair off in a downward motion. The hair will ball up and stick to your damp hand. This works because the hair becomes wet, therefore heavier. This results in it being unable to stick to your pants (or whatever surface you're dealing with) in response to static electricity. Use a sponge mop if you're removing pet hair from a low-pile carpet, in which case the floor should be thoroughly vacuumed first. Rub the fabric, upholstery, or carpet with the sponge. The fur should roll up into clumps that you can pick off by hand.

Cleaning marker ink:

Try toothpaste first, as it will be most gentle on your surfaces. Apply directly onto your hand towel and gently rub stain in a circular motion. If this is not working, turn to the hand sanitizer and do the same. The hand sanitizer works on most surfaces, but if it does not, lightly spray hairspray and dab out stain. Wipe it clean with a warm cloth.

Repairing cigarette burns:

To repair cigarette burns in a carpet, cut the blackened fibres and then squeeze some glue into the hole. Fill the hole with fibres from carpet remnants.

Cleaning a black iron fireplace:

Black iron fireplaces can be cleaned easily using baby oil and then buffing with a dry cloth.


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